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Porsgrund Nisse Candle Holder 2 4/5 in

Porsgrund Nisse

Model No: 26460

Size: 2 4/5 in (7 cm)

Porsgrunds cherished elf service was designed in 1909 by the factory owner's 11-year-old daughter, Sigrid Rachlew. Nisse is based on the true Norwegian mischievous gnomes and have over the years become a part of Norwegian heritage. Every Christmas thousands of Nisser visits Scandinavian homes, creating new traditions - generation after generation.

The Porsgrund Factory was founded in 1885 and has been delivering high quality china to the world including the Royal Families that have reigned in Norway since it's independence in 1905.

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Porsgrund Nisse Candle Holder 2 4/5 in

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