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Porcelain is a magical material, related to the alchemy of earlier ages: the art of making gold. Porcelain has been produced in Denmark for 225 years. There is hardly a home in Denmark that does not possess a single piece - perhaps a favorite Christmas Plate or a particularly cherished figurine.

Girls and boys, dogs and cats, birds and fish. A wealth of figurines - all painted by hand, throughout the generations.
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Featured Items

RC 1021678
Else in Swimsuit $150

RC 1020410 Titmouse, Optimist $75

RC 1021421 Only One Drop $555

RC 1249840 Annual Santa 2012 $59

RC Boy with Teddybear $350

RC 1249090 Seal with Pup $315


RC 1249811 Boy - Malik $29

RC 1249812 Girl w/Seal $29

RC Viking Girl - Nanna $150

RC Angel with Harp $39

RC 1021159 The Little Mermaid $420

RC Astrological Figurines

RC #2670132 Venus, Bisquit $250

RC Else Blue Dress $195