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Porcelain is a magical material, related to the alchemy of earlier ages: the art of making gold. Porcelain has been produced in Denmark for 225 years. There is hardly a home in Denmark that does not possess a single piece - perhaps a favorite Christmas Plate or a particularly cherished figurine.

Although we live in an ever changing world, Royal Copenhagen's commitment to tradition and high standard of craftsmanship has remained unchanged for over two centuries.
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Royal Copenhagen/B&G Collectibles - Previous Years

RC/B&G 1995-2001

Freddie & his Friends Plate
B&G Peace on Earth Plate
and more...

RC/B&G 2002
B&G 2002 Plaquette
and more...

RC/B&G 2003
B&G US Christmas Plate
B&G 2003 Snowfairies Plate
and more...

RC/B&G 2004
B&G Snowfairies Ornament
and more...

RC/B&G 2005
RC Millennium Plate (Polar Bear)
and more...

RC/B&G 2006
B&G Christmas Ornament
and more...

RC/B&G 2007

Annual Mug
B&G Christmas Drop
and more...

RC/B&G 2008

Centennial Plaquette
RC Hearts of Christmas
and more...

RC/B&G 2009
RC Large Annual Mug
Annual Santa
and more...

RC/B&G 2010
RC Lucia with Crown
and more...

RC/B&G 2011
RC Figurine Cat Ornament
and more...

RC/B&G 2012
RC Christmas Plate 2012
and more...

RC/B&G 2013
RC Christmas Plate 2013
and more...

RC Christmas Plates
B&G Christmas Plates
RC Mother's Day Plates
B&G Mother's Day Plates

B&G Mother's Day Figurines


Featured Items


Rosendahl Kay Bojesen Porcelain Child Set, 3 pcs $95

RC 1249812 Figurine Girl $29


B&G 2006 Angel Figurine Girl $39

B&G 2006 Angel Figurine Boy $39

RC Inspired Collection, Pearls w/ RC Logo, White $75

RC Pocket Mirror 2010 $59

RC 1212705 Christmas Drop 2012 $45

B&G 1249305 Annual Figurine

RC 1020536 Polar Bear Cub, Sitting $155

RC 1249811 Annual Figurine, Boy - Malik 2010 $29

RC 1249475 Decoration - 2 Piece Hepatica / Pansy $25

RC 2008 Centennial Plaquette $29

BG 2013 Children's Day Plate $59

BG Christmas Drop 2007 $29