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The Porsgrund Factory was founded in 1885 and has been delivering high quality china to the world including the Royal Families that have reigned in Norway since it's independence in 1905.

Porsgrund is constantly evolving and is always evolving their designs and technology to meet new needs. Meanwhile, the factory is proud to honor a significant history and cultural heritage.

This classic and trendy dinnerware is beautiful on its own or in a mix with some of our other porcelain patterns from Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl, Porsgrund etc.


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Bogstad Straw
Farmers Rose
Maxi Straw

Maxi Black
Mini Straw
White (Hvitt)

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Featured Items

2016 Porsgrund Christmas Plate $99

Porsgrund Previous Years Christmas Plates

Porsgrund Maxi Straw Small Mug 8 oz $44 Porsgrund Bogstad Straw Pattern

Porsgrund Partitur Mug 7 1/2 oz $50 Porsgrund Partitur Dinner Plate 9 1/2 in. $60


Porsgrund Nisse Mug 7 1/2 oz $44

Porsgrund Nisse Dinner Plate 10 in $74


Porsgrund Farmer's Rose Coffee Cup and Saucer 5 oz $74

Porsgrund Farmer's Rose Bread Plate 7 in $46

Porsgrund Mini Straw Tea Cup and Saucer 11 2/3 oz $54 Porsgrund Mini Straw Napkins 13 in $10


Porsgrund Rose Mug, Large 11 2/3 oz $50

Porsgrund Rose Plate 8 in $44