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Porcelain is a magical material, related to the alchemy of earlier ages: the art of making gold. Porcelain has been produced in Denmark for 225 years. There is hardly a home in Denmark that does not possess a single piece - perhaps a favorite Christmas Plate or a particularly cherished figurine.

Girls and boys, dogs and cats, birds and fish. A wealth of figurines - all painted by hand, throughout the generations.
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Bing & Grondahl Figurines

B&G Figurines - Animals
Domestic Animals
Other Animals


B&G Figurines - People
Adults w/Children

B&G Figurines - People w/Animals
Adults w/Animals
Children w/Animals

B&G Figurines - Others
Abstract and Modernist Figurines
Mother's Day Figurines
B&G Figurine Book


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Featured Items

B&G Drummer Boy $35

B&G 2345 Girl with Garland $195

B&G 1876 Cat, Sitting $99

B&G Else with Blue Dress $195

B&G 2002 Mother's Day Figurine Kangaroo $75

B&G 1567 Reading Children $185

B&G 1249314 Angel Figurine 2006 - Boy $39

B&G Bulldog $495

B&G Youthful Boldness $395

B&G 2207 Toothache $59


B&G 1636 Boy, Bending Down $195

B&G Little Girl Gardner $250

B&G Baby Dolphin

B&G Goose $95