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 C001 Braun Round Quartz Alarm Clock, Black

Braun Quartz Alarm Clock

Black Dial, Small Pop-up On/Off Switch with Green Dot

2 5/8 in.

Braun's legendary travel alarm clocks were loved by many even after production stopped. Starting around April 20, 2011, the new licensed production of these clocks are available. This is the equivalent to the AB1A, originally designed by Dietrich Lubs with Dieter Rams in 1994. A pared down, very small but reliable clock, the AB1A had no snooze function, but a clear crisp crescendo alarm, and ran on one AA battery, many say, for a solid year. Silent German movement

One Year Warranty

Brand New In Gift Box - Duracell AA battery is included

Usually Ships Within 48 hours

Price:  $37