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 43400 Fiskers PCH Wrist Watch, Stainless Steel

Rosendahl Timepeices - Henrik Fisker Pacific Coast Highway

GMT Stainless Steel, Automatic

Henrik Fisker penned such legendary cars as the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9, and held what must surely be some of the most coveted design jobs in the world of cars. Rosendahl is proud to present this watch designed by this legendary car industry's maestro of uniqueness, Henrik Fisker. This watch represents Time, Design and Speed and is Swiss made. It exemplifies the Fisker DNA and clones itself on the idea of the Pacific Coast Highway. The watch's name is a tribute to the roads that add asphalt to his roaring four-wheeled masterpieces

Through the rear of the case, you can peek at the automatic Swiss movement, its rotor embellished with the roads that the Fisker cars are built for: Pacific Coast Highway, California. The watch rotor provides the energy to make the watch tick, just as the wheels on a Fisker car are intrinsic to the impetus and the wind in your hair. The lens design of the GMT model is unique. The 12-hour top ring is countersunk into the milled sapphire lens. The ultimate luxury detail thought out by Fisker and never before seen on a watch

2 year warranty

Brand New In Gift Box - Packing is an important part of the experience. Consequently, the box is true to Fisker superb car interiors complete with a small racing car ribbon waiting to be pulled open for the ultimate gift giving experience

Usually Ships Within 48 hours

Price:  $3100