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 43103 Watch II Digital Wrist Watch, Black Face

Rosendahl Timepeices - Fleming Bo Hansen Watch II

Black Face, Black Polyurethan Strap

7/8 in. width

Award-winning designer Flemming Bo Hansen's WATCH range is designed accouring to a principle of simplicity and clean lines, and the watch is an implementation of the proportions of the Golden Ratio, which refers to the relationship between two sizes considered since time immemorial to be a harmonious ratio. These porportions are found in nature, such as in the spiral of the conch, but also in architecture and paintings all over the world

WATCH II is characterized by a mirror-polished stainless steel finish with a unique digital LCD display or an optional analogue version with classic hands. Both versions come with a black polyurethane strap

2 year warranty

Brand New In Gift Box

Usually Ships Within 48 hours

Price:  $230