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 Ken Nakashima Ceramic Bowl, Arabian Desert

Japanese Artist Ken Nakashima's exquisite pottery illuminates the art of man's creative talents

Ken Nakashima's ceramics acknowledges traditional Japanese pottery, while he simultaneously explores his own road. His forms are perfectly matched to his stunning and often idiosyncratic glazes. His glazes are created by his own illustrious mix of chemistry combined with a unique manipulation of architecture within the kiln. His intense and unique experimentation with glazes and forms creates subtle, but always differences from various glazes and shapes

Nakashima's many years as a teacher and co-owner of the renowned Potter's Studio in Los Angeles has left his imprint on a legion of ceramicists. In recent years, Ken's physical limitations due to a stroke, have allowed him to begin re-imagining his work process in new ways and made his work even more sought after

Size: 14 in. (diameter)

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Price:  $995