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 AM Adjustable Child's Chair

ARCHITECTMADE Kristian Vedel Child's Chair

Kristian Vendel was one of the first architects that took children’s furniture seriously and designed furniture in a simple, modern style, on the premise of the child. The chair can be used as furniture for playing (it can tumble) as well as sitting. It can follow in a child’s upbringing- from when a child can crawl, sit, stand up, until the child walks. Carry it to the next generation while using it as a stool or as a side table. Arrange it in various configurations; a chair, table or highchair is desired.

The adjustable child's chair is a semi-circular bent plywood form, with horizontal cut outs to accommodate adjustable pieces of laminated plywood. The adjustable pieces are held in place by tension, resulting in a perfect design for a child’s chair, without using any screws nails or bolts.

Size: 16.1 in. (height) 17.1 x 12.2 in. (diameter)
Brand New In Box

Price:  $590