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 AM Spring Stackable Drinking Glass - Set of 2

ARCHITECTMADE Jorn Utzon Spring Drinking Glass - Set of 2

In 1949 on a study trip to New York Jørn Utzon met Frank Lloyd Wright. During a group discussion Wright held up an empty glass and asked what is the most important with this glass? Utzon replied:
"The greatest importance of a glass is the space within."

Taking a zip from SPRING you clearly understand Utzons reasoning. It actually feels like drinking from a clear mountain spring. The glass is handmade in the highest quality of glass. SPRING is stackable and dishwasher proof. The multi functional SPRING glasses can be used for serving sophisticated cocktails, ice water and even cognac, as it can be tipped on its side.

Size: Height - 3.1 in.
Diameter - 3.5 in.

Brand New In Box

Price:  $79