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 AM Turning Tray 2 in 1 - Husky Green/Black

ARCHITECTMADE Finn Juhl Turning Tray

In 1956 Finn Juhl designed the TurningTray. Today the original trays are on display at Finn Juhls house in Charlottenlund, Denmark, which now serve as a museum. ARCHITECTMADE now re-launches the TurningTrays after the original drawings by Finn Juhl. The trays encompass many of Finn Juhls characteristic features. Especially the curved teak frame as well as the corner joints are Finn Juhl trademarks.

The trays are handmade in Denmark in teak and laminate. In TurningTray you get 2 trays in 1, since the trays are similar on each side, but with two different colors which each brings a unique glow to the teak wood. Available in 3 sizes and several color combination.

Size: 23 x 45 cm.

Brand New In Box

Price:  $219