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 PH 5 (White) Pendant (Lamp) 19.7 in

PH 5 Pendant.

Design: Poul Henningsen.

Concept: PH 5 (1958) provides a glare free illumination. The design of the visible reflectors ensures that light is directed both vertically and horizontally. Light is diffused through a sand-blasted glass shield located in the lower shade.

Finish: White, white or graphite grey, wet painted.

Material: Shades: Spun aluminum. Concealing shield: Sand-blasted, glass. Struts: Matte chrome plated or purple, rolled aluminum. Mounting.

Canopy: White. Cord type: 3-conductor, 18 AWG white PVC power cord. Cord length: 12'.

Weight: Max. 5 lbs.

Price:  $948