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 LP CIRQUE Pendant Copper, Large

The world is in color. We remember in color,
are influenced by color - and often dream in color.
Color and festive shapes create happiness and energy.

"CIRQUE - form, exuberance and color"

CIRQUE is joyful lighting in fresh yet harmonious
colors. With its glare-free downward directed light,
it ads a visual focal point to the room and unique
atmosphere - both individually and when grouped.

Designer: Clara von Zweigbergk

Product No.: 5741915873

Material: Drawn aluminium

Weight: Min: 1 1/9 lbs Max: 8 5/6 lbs
(Min: 0.5 kg Max: 4 kg)

Light source: 60W, A-19, 120V

Diameter: 15 in. (380 mm)

Height: 18 5/6 in. (478 mm)

Brand New In Box

Usually Ships within 48 hours

Price:  $598