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 Bjorn Winblad Aladdin Motif #03

"Aladdin Meets the Magician"

This beautifully Hand Painted Plate was created and signed in front by the world famous Danish Artist Bjorn Wiinblad

The Aladdin collectors' plates tell the story of one of the best known figures in The Thousand and One Nights. Aladdin, fortune's favorite, who discovers the world's greatest treasure and emerges unscathed from even the most perilous situations. Bjorn Wiinblad tells the story in masterly fashion in twelve scents, portraying the twelve most important stages in Aladdin's progress. Each plate is painstakingly decorated in brilliant colors on intense cobalt blue. The valuable gold ornamentation enhances the effect of the illustrated scenes. Wiinblad's colors and draughtmanship do full justice to the splendor of the Oriental tales

Size: 6 in.

Usually Ships within 24 hours

Price:  $75