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 LP Snow Floor Lamp

The Louis Poulsen Snow floor lamp by Louise Campbellis is truly a stunning light, guaranteed to make a statement. The Snow lamp represents a new way of looking at the function of a floor lamp. When the light goes on, Snow generates more mood-creating room lighting than a conventional floor lamp. The design of the Snow lamp emits light in every direction, and - when lit - Snow floats as a light, airy element in a room. Despite its elongated shape, Snow is a slim light fixture. This is possible because a 4-pound counterweight hangs freely like a heavy snowball over the floor inside the fixture body. The Snow floor lamp has a shade in vacuum formed acrylic. The floor lamp cord is a vinyl cord with plug that has a length of 12'

Height: 59.2 in. Diameter: 33.2 in.


Price:  $3874