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Danish Royal Porcelain 1775-2000 - 225 Years of Design

The Services of the Future

Royal Copenhagen has invited eight ceramists and designers to develop their ideas on present and future ceramic applied art.  The controlled, almost minimalist artistic idiom, though with organic curves, is still predominant.  Even so, an incipient joy in decoration is beginning to make it self-felt. As so often in the past, nature is the great mentor - and the many thousand-year-old shapes of pottery provide further inspiration.

The individualism of our age leaves its mark on the artists' ways of conceiving porcelain.  The single items can all be seen as belonging to one family, but are also capable of standing on their own in conjunction with objects from other times and cultures.  Once more, it transpires that the global and the local, function and dream, can find expression and form in magical porcelain. 

One of the absolute most innovating new ideas that have come from the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory in many years is the ‘MEGA BLUE FLUTED’ designed by Karen Kjaeldgaard-Larsen.   There are at this time six plates with different decorations available in this unique design.  Each design focuses on the multiplicity and the harmony in the traditional Blue Fluted Pattern.  The pattern is yet to be put in production (and may never).  We have purchased a small number of the plates and they can all be purchased directly at our web store.


All six plates (New in Box) are available at our web
 store by clicking on the above images.


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