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Danish Royal Porcelain 1775-2000 - 225 Years of Design

The Post-War Years - Functionalism and Sensitivity

Scandinavian Design' is the name given to a 15-year period from the early 1950s onwards, during which a Nordic design movement swept across Europe and America.  The term 'Danish Modern' comes from the same movement and time and it describes what was distinctive about Danish design in that period. 

Artists' workshops at both The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory and Bing & Grondahl became the centers of a rich artistic development within the field of ceramics.  The free experiments resulted in unique items, limited series or regular mass production.

The artists Axel Salto and Gertrud Vasegaard, who worked for the two factories, were leading figures in the international breakthrough of Danish ceramics of the 'Danish Modern' period.


Danish Modern - Minimalism

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