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Danish Royal Porcelain 1775-2000 - 225 Years of Design

G.F. Hetsch and the Golden Age The Establishment of Bing & Grondahl in 1853

The first professional artistic leader of the manufactory was the German-born architect G.F. Hetsch, who took up his appointment in 1826.  In his artistic work as well as in his supervisory capacity Hetsch strove for 'purity of style' - purified classicism, which represented ideals from classical antiquity, although using new materials.  After the approval of the Danish Constitution Act in 1849, The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory could not continue its monopolistic position.  The Bing brothers, who ran a considerable business with luxury articles, established a porcelain manufactory in Vesterbro in 1853, along with Frederik Vilhelm Grondahl.  Already by 1860, Bing & Grondahl were technically and artistically on a par with The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, from where they had recruited many of their employees.




Arnold Krog - Artistic Director 1885-1916

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