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Danish Royal Porcelain 1775-2000 - 225 Years of Design

Danish Modern – Minimalism

The sculptor Henning Koppel's rounded, warm, organic forms became internationally synonymous with 'Danish Modern' in the 1950sthe gentle sculptural design that expresses lux­ury whilst remaining simple and functional.

Towards the mid 1960s, the mode of expression changed to a more architecturally in­spired functionalism.

With the items' function as the point of departure, the ceramist Erik Magnussen and the architect Grethe Meyer designed services, which were completely stackable and standardized in all the components.  The ceramist Bodil Manz succeeded in transferring the vibrant beauty from the unica into industrial production of the dinner service 'Facet'.   


'Danish Modern' expressed within the field of applied art the ideals of Denmark as a welfare society.


Individualism - The 1970s and 1990s

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